Summer salad

I like to cook but I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen. I modify a lot of receipts to prepare dishes quickly but still tasty.
I am excited to share with you my receipt for a kale salad. In many countries kale is used in different variations and here is my version 🙂

Ingredients: kale, turkey 🙂 sunflower seeds, mozzarella
Dressing: olive oil, pomegranate sauce

I wouldn’t recommend to substitute kale with other greens, especially after I read about the health benefits of it.
Massage kale with olive oil to make it softer, then tear it up to small pieces. Put it to a bowl.
Spice-up the turkey the way you like and fry it. Here I used chilly, curry, gluten-free vegetable mix and salt.


Now fry sunflower seeds on a pan and chop the mozzarela.Your salad is almost ready – mix the ingredients.
For dressing use olive oil and pomegranate sauce – granate sauce will give a bit of sour taste, which goes perfectly with kale.

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Smacznego ! Afiyet olsun ! Bon Appetit !

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